Sixth Annual Conference


“I am inclined to look at everything as resulting from designed laws, with the details, whether good or bad, left to the working out of what we may call chance.”

– Charles Darwin

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The aim of the 2007 Conference in Philosophy and Biology is to explore the role of chance in evolution at the molecular and macro levels, and every level in between.

April 6th – 8th, 2007
Duke University
Durham, NC

John Beatty (University of British Columbia)
The Details Left to Chance

Robert Brandon (Duke)
Drift Driven Diversification

Werner Callebaut (Konrad Lorenz Institute)
Contingency and Inherency in EvoDevo

Richard Lewontin (Harvard)
The Role of Chance in the Evolutionary Occupancy of Phenotypic Space

Francesca Merlin (Institut d’histoire et de philosophie des sciences et des techniques)
The ‘Biased Chance’ of Genetic Mutations

Roberta Millstein (UC Davis)
Demonstrating Chance in Evolution: Lessons From an Early Drifter

William Provine (Cornell)
Random Genetic Drift: A Critique in Historical Perspective

Robert A. Skipper (University of Cincinnati)
Genetic Drift vs. Genetic Draft

Steve Wang (Swarthmore)
Markov Monte Carlo: Taking Advantage of Chance

Jason Zinser (Florida State University)
Chance as a Modal Concept

and more…


Chris Haufe, Bre Kerchner, Russell Powell, Grant Ramsey, Leonore Fleming

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