Third Annual Conference


for Philosophy of Biology/ Duke/UNC Robertson Workshop on:

Emotion, Evolution, and Ethics

April 3-4, 2004

This workshop pays special tribute to Allan Gibbard, whose seminal work integrates the three themes of the title. It is also an exploration of recent advances in empirical moral psychology, which complement Gibbard’s approach in philosophy. Our guests bring together relevant findings from psychology, ethology, and neuroscience. Some participants will also discuss anthropology and evolutionary biology. We hope to promote dialogue across disciplinary boundaries and to foster continued collaboration between the Duke and UNC communities.


Location: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Alex Rosenberg (Duke, Philosophy) and Jesse Prinz (UNC, Philosophy)
“Introductory Remarks: Ethics Evolving”


Tamler Sommers (Duke, Philosophy)

Jonathan Haidt (Virginia, Psychology)
“Intuitive Ethics, Moral Modules, and the Externalization of Reciprocity and Purity”


Lunch break
(Franklin Street, which is one block from the workshop venue, offers a variety of restaurants)


Matthew Chrisman (UNC, Philosophy)

Justin D’Arms (Ohio State, Philosophy)
“Sentimentalism and the Nature of Emotions”


Coffee break


Marion Hourdequin

Joshua Greene (Princeton, Center for Brain, Mind, and Behavior)
“Cognitive Conflict and Control in Moral Judgment”

Location: Duke University


Stefan Linquist (Duke, Philosophy)

Stephanie Preston (Iowa, Neurology)
“How evolution and development of the nervous system prepared us for morality”


Coffee break


Allan Gibbard (Michigan, Philosophy)

Important Information


Registration for the workshop is free, but space is limited.
We ask you to register by email in advance. If you plan to attend, simple send an email to Stefan Linquist ( with the word “Attending” in the subject line.
Please try to register by March 25.

Preparation Sessions
We will be hosting two preparation sessions before the workshop in order to introduce those who are attending to central themes in the work of the workshop participants. These sessions will provide useful background, and people are encouraged to attend.

Session 1 (March 25, Duke, West Duke Building, 6:30-8:30pm).

Topics: evolution and ethics; the metaethical landscape; locating Gibbard; D’Arms’ critique. Led by Rosenberg, Hourdequin, and Sommers.

Session 2 (April 1, UNC, Caldwell Hall, ).

Topics: emotions; empirical research (Greene, Preston, Haidt); recent work by Gibbard. Led by Prinz, Linquist, and Chrisman.

Organizers and Acknowledgments

This workshop has been organized by Alex Rosenberg and Jesse Prinz with the assistance of Matthew Chrisman, Marion Hourdequin, Stefan Linquist, and Tamler Sommers, and with the generous support of the Robertson Foundation. Additional funding has also been provided by the Duke and UNC Philosophy departments, by Alex Rosenberg and by Geoffrey Sayre-McCord.

For further information, please contact Jesse Prinz (